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Dear Friends!
Oktoberfest is coming to brighten your dull autumn weekdays! Take part in the Drinks festival in Sphere 3 and receive valuable rewards along with unforgettable impressions!

Visit main towns and capitals and fins there a special festive tent with drinks. There you can accept unique festive quests. Players, who've spent more than a year with us, definitely remember these beautiful Frau and their divine drinks.
Talk to Steward’s helper to accept the first quest.
First barrel!
Jump on the barrels to reach the top of the pile. The celebration always begins with the opening of the barrel. But everybody knows, the tastiest ale is in the barrel on the top of the pile. Who is the brave person to climb there and bring it to the bottom? It won’t be easy of course, but the reward is worth it!
All sorts of pleasure!
To get into the festive spirit, you should try all the sorts of local ale. To start with, collect them all and bring to the steward!
Visit every tent of your faction and talk to their owners to get a mug of their special beer. When you collect them all, return to the festive steward and bring him the mugs to receive valuable rewards.
Thievish visitors
We all like to drink a mug or two with friends during the holiday. But not everyone likes to return the mugs after that! It’s time for you to get tough!
Kill monsters, collect mugs, and the reward won’t be slow in coming.
New Tastes
Festive steward asks you to deliver special sorts of ale to the festive tents. If you don’t know what to start with, talk to the girls at the tents, they will be happy to provide you with some clues. Start the quest by talking to the festive steward.
Have fun at Oktoberfest, collect presents and get in the festive mood!
Good luck and have fun!
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